5+ Best ERP Software for Your Business in 2019

best erp software for business

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is the key aspect of any business. ERP plays a crucial role irrespective to the size of your business. It refers to a suite that takes care of businesses’ day-to-day activities like accounting, procurement, sales, employee management, budget, and so on.

Today, the ERP system is one of the most critical parts of the organization that enables the smooth working of the business activities. Below are some of the best ERP software for your business.

Are you looking for ERP Software For Your Business?

sap erp software features


SAP ERP is a software developed by a German company SAP SE. It aims to streamline your business’s processes across procurement, services, sales, manufacturing, finance, and HR. It allows the businesses to stay competitive with the industry standards, which is available for 25 industries, 37 languages, and 45 localizations.

Key Features:

  • Procure to pay;
  • Request to service;
  • Plan to product;
  • Core HR services;
  • Order to cash;
  • Core finance capabilities;
  • Data security;
  • Compliance;
  • Data Protection and privacy

With SAP enterprise resource planning, you can simplify and accelerate your digital transformation. It is typically designed for large companies. However, if you are a small business with a budget, you can simply integrate the software for your day-to-day activities.


NetSuite ERP:

netsuite erp system

NetSuite enterprise planning is a complete, scalable cloud-based solution typically designed for high-growing, mid-sized, and large businesses. If you are looking forward to accelerating your front and back-office processes, this might be a solution for you. ERP software focuses on automating financial management, revenue management, order management, fixed assets billing, and inventory management.

Key Features:

  • A broad range of robust ERP;
  • Built-in business intelligence;
  • Designed to support growth.

NetSuite ERP software for small business gives them the tools that can be used to accelerate growth and drive innovation.


Sage Intacct:

erp software for manufacturing business

Sage Intacct, previously known as Intacct Corporation, is an American provider of financial suite that comes with e-commerce features.Primarily designed for the day-to-day financial activity of a business, Sage Intacct enables you to do more and better. It is an ERP software for small business to public companies that allow employees to succeed and thrive.

Key Features:

  • Core financials;
  • Advanced functionality;
  • Flexible platform
  • Dashboard and reporting;
  • Billing;
  • Budgeting and planning platform.

Sage Intacct enables you to connect your financials with your salesforce easily. You can even build your own applications by just tying up with the solutions and configuring the system with the same requirements.



erp software for manufacturing

SYSPRO is a software development company that provides integrated business software, including manufacturing, distribution operations, and accounting across wide industries. It is founded by Phil Duff in 1978 with headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is said to be one of the longest-standing independent ERP providers.

Key Features:

  • Industry built;
  • Choice and flexibility;
  • Actionable insights;
  • Enable digital business;
  • Engaging user experience;
  • Safeguarding your ERP investment;
  • Personalize your workspace;
  • Scalable.

With its spread across 62 countries and 40 years of presence, it is able to reach the customer retention rate of 98%.


Tally ERP 9:

tally erp software price

Tally ERP is an enterprise resource planning software with millions of users across industries. It thrives on delivering innovation and excellence in enterprise resource planning software for small and medium-sized businesses. It has robust 28000 plus partners that deliver unmatched customer experience be it sales, support, or services. Tally is backed with a vast set of features that makes it stand out from other software in a unique way.

Key Features:

  • Accounting management;
  • Banking transactions support;
  • Inventory management;
  • GST compliance;
  • Easy access to business reports;
  • Budgets and controls;
  • Manages unlimited companies and group companies;
  • Security features;
  • ERP software functionality;
  • Synchronization of data from two or more places.



JobBOSS was developed by a job shop manager who was looking for a better way to run his business. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the team continues to innovate and support the manufacturing industry with its most flexible software.

Key Features:

  • Quote processing;
  • Order processing;
  • Scheduling/shop floor control;
  • Material and inventory control;
  • Shipping;
  • Cost analysis.

The ERP buying process may be tedious and complex for some businesses. Seeking third-party help for selection and implementation stage is quite common in this area.

Depending on the size of your organization, ERP software can be picked up. Gartner’s annual market share puts SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, etc. in the list of top vendors. However, there are various ERP software for small business that are specially researched and designed.

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