A Guide or Introduction on ERP Software

ERP Software

What is ERP Software?

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning; ERP software is used by all the big companies so that the departments have the details of what is happening in the company at every given point. ERP is actually a software which is use to systematically manage a business. If one updates a data, it updates to all the other departments.

ERP software integrates all the functions like planning, developing, organizing, manufacturing processes, marketing and sales. If one updates a new sale in sales department then all other departments are able to see the update, which makes it convenient for everyone in the company to work in sync.

The ERP software is integrated by software modules that support all the basic internal processes of the software. Each module has a task which the module has to perform by itself.

It track all the processes, cash flows, raw materials, orders, sales, purchases and it does not matter which department, the software keep track on all the processes running in a company and make it really very simple to smoothly run an organization.

All the ERP packages are tailored according to organization, whether the organization is small or larger based on number of users and employees. The software is available on SaaS on premise and is designed according to the needs and requirements.

List of Modules of ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Software includes lots of small modules which are integrated to make an ERP software which will run all the processes and make all your tedious task easier. It covers each aspect from raw material to finished products, from marketing to sales, from cash flow to accounting.

erp software module list

So the different modules included are

  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Sales and marketing
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • SCM (supply chain management)
  • Finance and accounting
  • Production modules

These are the various modules which combine to prepare software for manufacturing company and all these modules have their specific task to perform. There are also open source manufacturing software available on internet. Open source mean you can see the coding of these software on internet and can use it in making your own in regards to the working of your company.

Benefits of Manufacturing ERP Software

  • Manage your business efficiently as well as effectively

ERP software allows your customer to access their information without any access to the features which only company members can access. Other than this, ERP software allows supplier and contractor to access their respective information. It keep engaged all your customers thus will lessen your work load and you can effectively run your business.

  • Software is really very easy to use in addition with low cost

You can easily access all the modules such as finance, manufacturing process at your desktop while sitting in your office. You just need an internet connection to access the information. Updates to be done and running the software at your desktop is really very easy. One can do it with ease as well as you need not to spend huge amount. Manufacturing ERP software free download is available on internet to download it for free and enjoy the benefits.

  • You have access to your business anytime from any where

ERP software allows you to work for your business at anytime from anywhere, you just need an internet connection. So whether you go on a business trip or family trip, you can keep an eye on your business as well as work from anywhere. You can also share information regarding a project with ease with your colleagues which make it easy to work on a project without any communication gap.

Features of ERP Software

ERP software covers all the necessary functions that help a business to run smoothly. Here is a list of features offered by ERP software to us.

  • Financial Management

Financial and accounting is the most important task in any company and if this is done without any mistake then this become a company to go to next level. That is why it is considered as the most important task done by ERP software.

  • Customer relationship management

Customers are the other major aspect of a business. This software allows customer to access information which they need such that your customer will get satisfied with your services and you don’t need to handle your customers by your own.

There are also a lot of features like human resource management, track cash flow and track all the processes running in a company.

List of Best ERP for Small Manufacturing Business

Cloud based ERP software has become really very popular because they make all tedious tasks easy to do. Various studies has been done on both cloud based and on premise development of ERP software to know about the benefits of each.

Here is a list of vendors with their products which are top ERP software.

  • SAP – Business ByDesign
  • Microsoft – Dynamic ERP
  • Oracle – E-Business
  • QAD – QAD
  • SAGE – Sage 300
  • IFS – IFS
  • Aptean – Made2Manage

I also heard about that SAP is the best ERP for small manufacturing business as well as large business also because it’s very helpful or beneficial to these type of businesses.

Stay tuned with us for more updates. I hope you would like this article on ERP Software which are helpful for small and large business.

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