Best Inventory Management Software For Small Businesses

inventory management software

We live in an era with thrashing competition. It has become mandatory for the businesses to equip themselves with technology, irrespective to the business size.

Why should we use technology in our everyday life? Inventory management is an area that can work well even without technology. However, apart from the reason to be ahead from competitors; there are various other reasons to adopt technological advancements.

If we think, the foremost reason is to increase employee productivity. Technology enables employees to work efficiently. Also, the time taken to complete an activity is much less when technology becomes a medium.

This article will throw light on details of the inventory management software. I will try to cover almost everything about the software along with some examples of commonly used software in the industry.

Starting from the basic question, what is an inventory management software?

As the name itself explains, inventory management software enables to manage inventory right from entering into the warehouse to sales. It helps in:

  • Keeping a track of inventory;
  • Stocking inventory;
  • Transparency;
  • Organization of inventory.

With the advancements of technology, the hardships of storing data in spreadsheets or hard copies are eliminated. The easy access to inventory management software for small businesses has done wonders.

inventory management software for small business

Have you ever thought, why is inventory management software important?

It plays an important role in managing the inventory. Inventory management software also enables the company to get an idea about the demand of products. It analyses the inventory needs which is one of the most important factors for any company.

Inventory management software for small business has reached almost to every industry. The industries where this system can be found are health care, food and beverages, retails and many more.

Inventory management software not only automates the inventory but also maximizes the potential of assets. It follows methods such as FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last In First Out) or Just In Time. Depending on the nature of businesses, the method can be decided upon.

Here are some of the important reasons you’d love read.

1. Order Management: It allows to track and order the inventory based upon the demand. It has a feature to automatically track the inventory and transfer it to good sale item. There is no need to conduct a demand survey for the company if it pertains one of the best inventory management software.

2. Organization: Inventory management software makes it easier to organize and manage the inventory. The manager can have a details record of all the inventory with the help of this software. One can keep a watch on slow-moving inventory and high in demand inventory easily.

3. Transparency: The manager can now easily access the strength of inventory. It helps in maintaining transparency by trackers. These trackers help in locate inventory in real-time. There is no way to go over or under stock with inventory management software.

4. Integration: One of the most important aspects of inventory management software is integration. This software enables to route itself with other important software like ERP systems. It further helps in asset management and gets a better view of where the inventory stands.

With all the above features, inventory management software for small business is a blessing. There is a lot of work that gets easier with the installation of inventory management software.

Let me now provide you with a list of best inventory management software for e-commerce:

1. Retailops;

2. SKU Vault;

3. People Vox;

4. Ordoro;

5. Unleashed;

6. Linnworks;

7. Skubana;

8. Veeqo;

9. Hub Logix;

10. Trade Gecko;

11. Scout.


It has proved to be a helping hand for companies. After going through the article, you must have got an overview of the software. Looking upon its advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that the software has various benefits which turn out to be surpassing the disadvantages.

Choose a software that works for your company best. The wise decision can help you to flourish your business. Ecommerce inventory management software has helped the industry in various ways. However, selection of suitable software is equally important.

Don’t forget to tell us your views on this in the comment section.

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