How To Hide Apps In Android Phones?

how to hide apps in android phones

Your phone is a very personal thing but unfortunately, one cannot always retain his or her privacy. For instance, if you are handing over your phone to a little kid in your house, then you might lose your control over your privacy. But if you are an android user, then congratulations to you.

Because this article brings the readers a few methods with the help of which one can hide apps. So stay tuned to the article and check out all about hiding apps. You will get to know why people hide apps in their android phones and how they can the apps be hidden.

Why Hide Apps in Android Phones:

Hiding apps on the phone is just another promising way of retaining your secrets. You can have a private life yet, can use your phone in front of your family. Want to know how? Then trace the article further and find your way.

You never know when a kid might be reluctant to have your phone and play games on it or your wife might ask your phone in any roundabout manner just to check on your phone. And trust me you can pass the trust just by hiding the apps on your phone. So let’s head on to the miraculous steps with the help of which you can hide all the apps and can feel relaxed and not hesitate to give your phone away without any fear.

What Are The Ways To Hide An Apps on Your Android Device?

Numerous ways are known to be functional in hiding the applications. In this part of the article, we will discuss a few effective ways of hiding android apps on the device:

For all the users irrespective of the devices they use

Using Nova Launcher :

Many launchers of Android allow you to just hide your secret applications with just a few taps. Numerous features are provided by Nova and it also works first. But one thing that you need to focus on is you need to download the Prime version of the application to hide the application. The free application cannot be used to hide the apps. Download the prime Nova Launcher, set it as the default launcher of your phone, open the Nova app, go to the app drawer which will present you the option Hide apps.

Disabling the apps to be hidden :

This is also a promising process of hiding application in which the user needs to go to the settings and then click on apps and notifications. Click on the option see all apps, disable the app that you look for.

Specific for OnePlus users :

This is an android device that allows the user to hide apps. For this, you need to open the app drawer, swipe right so that you can have access to the hidden space. Tap the “+” icon, select the app that you want to hide, and then to save the setting click on the check mark that is there in the top-right corner.

Specific for Samsung phone users :

If you are a Samsung user, then all you can do is go to the app drawer, then go to the three-dot icon that is there in the top corner towards the right. Select the option- “home screen settings” and this will have the hide app option, where all you need to do is to select the application and hide it right away.

Specific for Huawei Phone users :

Hiding the apps on the Huawei phone is quite simple. Go to the settings and then choose the security and privacy option which will get you an option called “private space”. Follow the instructions which will appear to set up a private space and then choose the application which you would like to keep secured in the private space.

Specific for Xiaomi Phone users :

In Xiaomi’s phone, the hiding app feature can be accessed by going to the setting and then to the pp lock option. Go to the option “manage hidden apps” and you can choose the application that is to be hidden.

Specific for LG phone user :

When you are an LG phone user, then you need to press on the home screen and then go to the home screen settings which will give you an option of “hide apps”. Select the apps you need to hide and that’s pretty much all you need to do for this.

Final Words:

Hence, these are the few ways with the help of which one can successfully hide the apps. And when you are giving your phones to any kid to play games, you are not giving up on your privacy. You can just hide a few applications that are related to your personal lives and that is all. Hence, do not stress over your secrets as they are meant to be kept. You can just follow the steps which are mentioned in the guide and can relax.

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