5+ Best Podcast Recording & Editing Software For You

podcast recording software

Podcast is an episodic presentation of any series in the form of audio files. These files can be downloaded by the user on his device in order to be able to listen later on. It may be a well scripted series, a discussion or a debate exhibited by recurring artists for that particular series. Here, we come up with best podcast recording and editing software for you.

Podcasts are gaining much recognition these days due to its much greater advantage of portability as well as monetizing facilities. Many streaming application and podcast service providers manage an individual’s podcast choices and list.

The background music in combination with the artist’s voice makes it impeccably amazing. These can be derived from some research based facts or philosophical explanations about life. Many podcasts are provided without any charges while some may charge a minimum amount for subscription.

Some may also endorse certain products and display the ads to make it a business venture. Some of the best podcast recording softwares are

List of Best Podcast Recording Software

Adobe Audition

adobe audition

It is a digital audio workstation from Adobe systems and is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. It was formerly known as Cool Edit Pro.

It is a wonderful podcast recording software as it enables a person to record multiple podcasts at the same time via different microphones with the discretion of creating, mixing and designing the sound effects.

It comes with a background noise reduction facility allowing the person to record professionally. Its key features include Ghostly analysis for background noises, Envelopes for music effects and Match loudness for uniform voice making it the best for PC podcast recordings.

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It is a great software for beginners as it is a free, open source and cross platform audio software. It is a user-friendly software working flawlessly with many operating systems like windows, Linux and many more.

This software has a high sound quality supporting up to 32 bit. It has many special effects such as LADSPA, VST, LV2 and Audio Unit. You can not only record a live audio but also edit it using various tools. It also comes with a spectrogram view mode and supports Vamp analysis plugin.

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Garage Band

best podcast recording software

If you are a Mac user with a low budget for podcast recording, then this software is for you. Garage Band software provides various features to mix, create and separate background music. It is also free software.

Facility to enable various plugins, this also provides various controls for adjusting sound and moving the audio files as and when required. This software also has various features like adding real time effects, adding infinite tracks, tweaking and morphing the sound.

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Logic Pro

login pro software

This software is perfect for a beginner as well as professional as it provides a very high quality of working ability. Its key features are Visual EQ, plugins, adding effects, modulation of voice, filtration of audio, wonderful Remix FX feature to add those special effects to the background music, multi-touch gestures, mixing, creating and editing the music. Its compatible with iPhone and iPad and is chargeable.

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Hindenburg Journalist

This is a wonderful software designed especially for podcasters, radio journalists and audio producers. Hindenburg records voice and interviews with an organized approach. You can drag any file and start working on it.

Hindenburg makes use of the newest loudness standards for automatically setting the levels. Besides editing, it provides a Voice Profiler tool which creates an EQ to provide amazing sound quality. It also allows the user to publish or share the podcasts through an inbuilt Publishing tool on SoundCloud or Libsyn. It is compatible with both apple and Windows.

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Some of the Audio/Podcast Editing Software are :


podcast editing software

Now you can edit the previously recorded audio files using this software. It automatically cleans the noises out of the audio and makes it more pleasant by letting you add background music for those amazing sound effects.

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Squadcast Editing Software

Using this software, you can edit the conversations, debate, discussions, podcasts and other audio files using a user-friendly interface and saving post production time. It also saves the files automatically on cloud to avoid any kind of malfunctioning.

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top podcast editing software

This software allows you to edit and record remote interviews in a studio quality. It simplifies the work by providing features like editing, better background music and reduction of the background noises, cloud storage and integration. This definitely saves a lot of time and ensures a professional recording/editing of the audio files as Lossless 16-bit 44.1K WAV recordings.

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Final Words

In a nutshell, podcasts are a talk of the town due to the flexibility and portability features. It allows a person to use it remotely. According to a survey, as many as 50-55% people buying a certain product claimed to have bought the product after listening to the related podcast.

Podcasts are not only a way of entertainment but also a major platform to monetize your audio files into a business venture. It is growing lovingly and favorite among people due to its ability to cut the cost of communication through paper and printing form.

They are easy to record with so many recording and editing softwares available. You just have to record using the best podcast recording software and bingo, you are done.

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