Top App Store Optimization Tools in 2022

app store optimization tools

The App store optimization tool is a way of increasing the visibility of the apps in the app stores. Various steps and strategies can be adopted to have a higher reach and to be one of the best app store optimization tools.

The app developers put their time and energy into the attention of the targeted audience. The app store is loaded with tons of apps and therefore the app store optimization tools play an important role for low budget apps to hit the top charts in the market.

What are the benefits of using App Store optimization Tools?

The App store optimization tools are free to use and provide a way to have a huge audience for the proposed product.

The most important advantages of the available optimising tools are increased app visibility, increased number of downloads, reasonable user acquisition cost, and increased in-app revenue. Moreover, free app store app supports have a global audience reach with enhanced user experience.

Top 6 App Store Optimization Tools in 2022

app store optimization tool


Apptweak is an App Store Optimization Tool (ASO) basically which is used for Apps and Games driven by Data Science. More than 90,000 people are using Apptweak and consider it one the most reliable ASO tools for the current digital world. The main focus of the tool is to increase the app visibility and assist in increasing the number of downloads, lower CPIs and strengthen the global reach.

Main Features include:

  • Keyword Analysis: It is to keep the track of millions of keywords daily with performance monitoring of the app and will also suggest the most eligible keyword to get ranked.
  • Competition Analysis: Apptweak is the tool that has the power to monitor the performance of the users’ competitors, history and daily growth.

sensor tower

Sensor Tower

The Sensor tower is one of the best App Store optimization tools to get insights into the mobile economy and to get information regarding what the top apps are doing in the current scenario.

Key Features are as follows:

  • Ad Intelligence: It reaches the ad creatives and ad networks that are used by many apps and eventually finds the right partner for the app.
  • App Intelligence: The sensor tower is a kind of ASO which provides app analytics, analysis review and keyword rankings with localization analysis.

app radar

App Radar

The App radar is the free App store optimization tool which increases the visibility of the apps and is mostly used for games related apps. It assists in finding the best keywords using AI.

Key Features:

  • Reply to reviews: The App Radar has various free templates that are used to reply to the game app reviews and can increase the conversation and user satisfaction.
  • Optimization Score: This feature helps to get a true score based on games optimization with more insights and tips.


App Follow

The App Follow is popular and is commonly seen as a one-stop destination for App Store optimization to monitor app performance, star ratings and organic growth.

Key Features:

  • Product Management: This feature helps in having product insights and market insights and other actionable insights.
  • Review Management: The ratings and reviews are managed well and it also creates auto-tags to make the process easier.

app annie

App Annie

App Annie is used by more than a million followers and the collected data is used by App Annie to implement new strategies. The use of research is done to plan the app analytics.

Key Features:

  • Marketing Intelligence: App Annie is one of the well-known ASO apps which boosts app performance. It also creates smarter market campaigns which are also tracked effectively.
  • Competition Analysis: It identifies competitive threats by monitoring the growth. It generates revenue and tracks the performance of the app.

app figures

App Figures

App Figures is the most efficient tool used for tracking, analysis and keyword research. It automatically connects you to the things that are more vital for the app.

Key Features:

  • Artificial Intelligence: It assists in giving smart suggestions and presents all the keywords that help grow app visibility.
  • App Tracking: It shows the number of searches in which the app appears. App Tracking is a special feature that tracks downloads and sales.

The App Store Optimization Tools are very interactive tools that are quite useful and effective in their own ways. They provide effective analytical solutions and are known for their reliable performance. The search visibility is optimised using various keywords and SEO strategies.

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