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Managing inventory is a very important aspect for the businesses and especially those who are in manufacturing business. Inventory can make any business or break any business thus you need tools and plans with the help of which you can efficiently manage your inventory.

If a business is good in inventory optimization and management then it has a competitive edge over others and to manage your inventory, inventory software are very useful. There are also many free inventory accounting software which can you have it, and you want some extra features you can also buy them.

In this blog, we will let you know some of the best inventory management software.


NetSuite is an inventory management software that helps you in stock optimization, manufacturing and purchasing the right amount of goods and this software is suitable for all types of business.

Features of Netsuite

Traceability: With the help of NetSuite software items can be easily traced via lot or serial number.

Cycle Counting: With the help of NetSuite you can check the stock levels in real time and by this you can ensure that safety stock levels are lessened and overhead costs are cut.

Warehousing: NetSuite software has warehousing features that allows user to handle multi-location product tracking along with a hierarchical breakdown for physical warehouse functions.

Replenishment: With the help of NetSuite, the users can maintain appropriate amounts of inventory by creating stock levels and re-ordering points.

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EZOfficeinventory is an asset tracking software that helps businesses and enterprises to track and manage their inventory at various locations.

Features of EZOfficeinventory

Purchase Orders: With EZOfficeinventory you can keep track of your purchase orders alongside your assets. You can also automatically update items that are linked with purchase orders, and manage vendor & procurement cost from one place.

Work order management: With the help of EZOfficeinventory, you can create work orders and assign these to your employees and later can track performance of your staff.

Custom reports: EZOfficeinventory comes with many important reports and apart from them; you can create a custom report also for analysis.

Data Backup: You can backup your important data with the help of EZOfficeinventory and view it when you are offline.


Orderhive is a simple & powerful multichannel inventory software that helps you in business in tracking orders, controlling inventory, create shipments, etc.

Features of Orderhive

Order Management: With the help of Orderhive you can efficiently manage all your orders and check their details whenever you want.

Inventory Control: Orderhive provides powerful tools that enable you to control your inventory.

Warehouse Management: You can easily find the products in your warehouse easily with the help of Orderhive software and thus you don’t have to search the whole warehouse to find any particular type of products.

Invoicing & Payment: With the help of Orderhive you can make your invoices faster and can select your payment terms.

Zoho inventory

Zoho inventory is an inventory management software that helps you to manage your orders, track your inventory, and handle your billing.

Features of Zoho Inventory

Vendor Relations: With the help of Zoho inventory software you can manage all your vendor transactions and bills at one place and thus you can manage good relations with your vendors.

Accounting Solutions: With Zoho inventory, you can manage finance of your business and books of accounts in an efficient way.

Reporting & Analytics: In Zoho inventory software, you can generate many useful reports just by one-click and get better insights about your business.

Re-order Point: You can set a re-order point in Zoho inventory software and if the stock goes beyond that point then you will get notification automatically and then you can refill the stock and in this way, you will never go out-of-stock.


So, these are the inventory management softwares are very useful for the businesses as they make the inventory process very organized which helps businesses to have efficient inventory structure that helps their businesses to grow.

If you don’t have the inventory management software then you should buy one for your business to increase efficiency of your business.

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