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manufacturing software

A process of producing software in a way that it can be sold as a tangible good is known as manufacturing software. It is a software which helps a manufacturer in entire product life cycle from product planning to marketing. Manufacturing software is developed and sold as a tangible product in the market through retail stores.

This software requires licencing which is sold on the basis of single licence for a single desktop or single copy.

Manufacturing software is a computerised software used to track entire production process of finished goods. It is mainly used in small and medium sized organisations to keep track of the manufacturing process.

The main purpose of Enterprise Resource Planning is to integrate internal and external information from all departments, namely – finance and accounting, human resource and payroll, sales, services, client relationships, and many more.

Open ERP previously known as Tiny ERP is an open source of Enterprise Resource Planning software published under AGPL licence.

Manufacturing ERP Software has various benefits which helps small businesses to grow and expand at a good pace. Giant companies has their own software for all purposes and this is why manufacturing software which are sold through retailers are mainly purchased by small and medium sizes businesses.

Let’s have a look through some major benefits of manufacturing software:

1. Simplified Processes : As and when a company grows, the processes becomes complex and tedious. Manufacturing software makes these processes straightforward and effective. This software acts as a helping hand which also makes the job of workers easy and helps increase their efficiency.

2. Boosts accuracy : When a job is performed by worker, the probability of the job done perfectly is less than when it is performed by a computer or a software. Accuracy of the processes undertaken becomes very high when a manufacturing software performs it. Hence, it can be said that errors are nullified or are least with the help of this software.

3. Flexible : Manufacturing software are flexible in nature and can adapt to changes in technology or processes easily. These software can even be tailored according to the needs of a business. The ever changing needs of a growing business can be easily adapted by this software.

4. Reduction in expenses : ERP system helps in keeping track of all needful things of an organisation which reduces overhead and administrative expenses. Less employees are needed when automation takes place in organisation which reduces payroll expenses of the business. This system can cut down costs from wherever possible which can be invested to grow the business.

5. Competition : With the drastic increase in competition in the market, each business is looking forward to make their processes efficient. Hence, one cannot wait until the competitors implement manufacturing software and incur best results. There is no harm in taking the first step and achieving business targets.

What differentiates manufacturing software form traditional approaches? Some common features of manufacturing software are detailed below.

1. Financial Critical : It takes care of keeping a record of vendor information along with the payments made and received from them. It also assist to track the late paying customers which enables us to notify them about the payments.

2. Budgeting : it gives accurate predictions on future expenses and helps to ascertain financial needs for better growth. Budgeting plays a very critical role for any business where manufacturing software can help them to prepare the most accurate budget.

3. After Sale Services : in this era of competition, after sale services have become a critical factor to maintain the customer loyalty. Manufacturing software helps to manage the after sale services by its features.

4. Inventory Management : Inventory is the most critical part of a manufacturing business and maintain or keeping a track on it can become most tedious job and can demand many employees for this job. Manufacturing Software tracks the inventory whether raw material or finished goods. This acts as a real-time tracker which saves a lot of time and cost of tracking goods.

5. SaaS and On-Premise Models : It offers both – SaaS and On-Premise models. User is not sure about the suitability of the models until one has used it. Manufacturing software due to diversified models gives freedom to use either of the models which suits the business at its best.

List of Manufacturing Software for Small Business:

Manufacturing softwares helps in easing the human efforts with the use of technology. There are various softwares used for the easing tasks.

Below is a brief of manufacturing software for small business that can help you to achieve your goal efficiently.

1. eMaint CMMS : eMiant is a CMMS solution to manage work orders and improve the reliability by eliminating downtime.

2. Deltek Costpoint : Deltek delivers software solutions that enables superior levels of project in terms of intelligence, collaboration and management.

3. Priority Matrix : Priority matrix helps business to prioritise tasks and focus on the top priorities and projects.

4. SAP Business ByDesign : SAP Business is a single cloud ERP solution for your needs related to fast growing and mid-market without any complexities of cost.

5. OmegaCube ERP : It is an end-to-end business solution for all business needs that is adaptable to your business process. OmegaCube helps in coping up with consumer demand and increase the workforce productivity.

6. Nova Cleaning Validation Management Software Pharmaceutical : It provides process driven LIMS software solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and other health care industries.

7. Omono : Omono enables business to manage business from anywhere. It is protected with multi-layered security and easy support system.

8. DBA Manufacturing : DBA manufacturing is designed with an aim to boost efficiency with in time manufacturing with no disruption to your accounting processes.

9. Aptean Factory MES : Aptean MES provides real-time data to the supervisors to increase the visibility of the production processes and optimize the plan attainment.

10. Enterprise 21 ERP Package : TGI is an company providing software solutions for small and mid-market manufacturing companies. This system focuses on implementation, development, sale, and support.

11. Entytle Insyghts : Entytle is SaaS application built for B2B manufacturers with an aim to drive customer engagement and growth of industrial market.

12. ERP Manufacturing : Bassam provides industries with world class ERP system with an advantage to help company with multiple plans, methods or stages.

List of Open Source ERP Software:

1. Dolibarr : It helps in managing business activities like customers, invoices, orders, products, agenda, e-mails, etc. It helps in easing the procedures for the employees.

2. Fishbowl : It helps in various processes like manufacturing, warehouse and asset tracking. It aims at providing better automation through integration.

3. NetSuite : It is a unified stop for all business needs including ERP/Financials, CRM and e-commerce.

4. Plex : It is a cloud based solution aimed to connect suppliers, machines, materials, people, system and customers. It helps in production and inventory control of a manufacturing business.

5. JobBoss : It is a software solution that enabled visibility and entire control of your business from one place.

6. SAP Business One : This management software helps in software connects and streamlining the processes for the business needs.

7. ERP Next : This software takes the entire control of your business activities and helps in boosting efficiency of the business.

8. iDempiere : It is built to provide ERP/CRM/SCM to increase the efficiency and use state-of-the-art technologies like jetty and zk.

9. MixERP : It is a preferred ERP software for trading, wholesaling, movie theatre, food court, manufacturing and other industries.

10. Odoo : It is a one-stop solution aimed to automate your business and increase the efficiency.

11. Openbravo : It is cloud based POS and retail management system designed to accelerate the business growth.

12. Microsoft Dynamics GB : It helps in getting more control over your finances, inventory and operations. Microsoft Dynamics is a flexible and configurable software for your business growth.

I hope you found some Manufacturing Software for your Small as well as Large Business. Stay tuned for more list of Softwares in various categories like I.T, Manufacturing, ERP, Server, Windows etc.

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